HARTSON Photography Christmas 2004 Toy Giveaway
This was way fun to do... !

Christmas in Mexico can be real nice, but to bring along a few toys for holiday giving wasa gas. And to kids that have less to none- was the plan.

Now... Flying over Mexico -with quite a large box aboard the airplane- I discovered in the customs papers I could only bring 3 toys into the country... I had over a hundred. Oh my! (The top image shows about 75 of'em... and bottom image, taken in our host's home there in Mexico, shows about 150..) So what next?

Well, it worked out! Over a well-timed distraction about a pack of Tofu hotdogs (no meat products into Mexico) the Mexican customs was pulled off my box just e-nuff.... and the box simply slid into the country !

The toys were distributed two ways:

To Mazatlan's local orphanage (via a Christian organization) and the rest were distributed with Mazatlan's annual 'shoe giveaway' at Christmas time. These kids are the real homeless kids who live at the city dump... Yes, the town's dump.

Some of the little things we just take for granted (like a rubber ball) suddenly were like gold to many...

Enjoy the photos.

Thanks for reading.